Are baptisms allowed during

No church law prohibits baptisms
during Lent. Canon Law says that
baptisms should ordinarily be done on
Sundays or, if possible, at the Easter
This guideline is based on the intimate
link between Christian baptism and the
saving resurrection of Jesus. it is
reasonable to delay the baptism of a
healthy infant until Easter to highlight
that connection.
The baptisms of adult converts are
almost always done at the Easter Vigil
The Catechism of the Catholic Church
says that infants should be baptized
"shortly after birth" and “parents are
obliged to take care that infants are
baptized in the first few weeks" after
Childrens  Choir Practice Every
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Every Friday @ 4:30pm
Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Munoz Silva, Michael Roy, Henry
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homebound:  Lila Lee Sankey, Mary
Carmelita Shely, Richard Robey,
Richard Ponciano, Valorie Ingebretsen,
Mary Cervantes, and Gina Mena.  Also,
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or morals.
If a sponsor is married, their marriage
must be recognized by the Church.

The sponsor is to assist the parents
and the child in living a Catholic life. A
sponsor needs to provide good
example of living that life.

A person who is not Catholic, or who is
not living in a way consistent with the
faith, obviously cannot provide the
example that is part of the task of
being a godparent.

A Christian witness is allowed and can  
a virtuous Christian life can never be a
Christian witness.

Nov. 1:     All Saints Day
Nov. 2:     All Souls Day
Nov. 10:  Baptism Class
Nov. 14:  Regularly scheduled Baptisms
Nov. 14:  Pheasant Festival
strength accordingly as they have
received it, as a gift from Christ...They
must devote themselves with all their
being to the glory of God and the
service of their neighbor.  In this way,
the holiness of the People of God will
grow into an abundant harvest of
opening of the Second Vatican Council
on Oct. 11,
retreat is extremely helpful for those
who struggle with feelings of: shame,
forgiven themselves or others. Open
members touched by abortion. The
assistance is available. For a
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733-0161 or write Inquiries and
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remembered with prayers offered by
Father Arbel during each week of the
basket at the altar.
at the grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes
in Colusa, and, in Princeton, pictures
You may also bring pictures of your
will be placed on the table in front of
the altar.  Pictures may be brought
during the month of October, and
Sacristy until All Souls Day.  Please
label the back of the picture with your

Trent Horn who will help us –Trent
Horn who will help us –especially
understand why the Church’s Trent
understand why the Church’s Trent
not hateful or bigoted, in keeping
with our nature as man and woman,
and the best thing for children.

30 pm, at Presentation of the
Blessed Virgin Mary Parish, 4123
Robertson Ave., Sacramento.
on November 7 (Redding), January 30
(Roseville) and April 30 (Sacramento)
and in Spanish on
January 30 (Roseville) and April 2
(Sacramento). The total cost is $20
per family and includes lunch.

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Father – Son Programs

The Father-Son programs explore God’
s special gift of human fertility and the
beauty and wonder of God’s plan
The programs will be offered for boys
English on October 17 (Roseville),
November 6 (Redding) and February
27 (Sacramento) and in Spanish
on October 17 (Roseville) and
November 7 (Sacramento). The total

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